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Welcome to Mitchell’s Portfolio



Greetings and good day to you. Welcome to my website portfolio. In lieu of a second semester final, my English teacher has assigned a website portfolio of my work throughout high school. The portfolio is meant to represent me and to convey the extent of my creativity, thinking skills and confidence through examples of my writing. The included pieces are examples of creative and expository writing, as well as journals on various subjects the topics of which I very interesting.




Creative Writing

            Creative writing often seems an exercise in futility for me. Even though I pride myself in my vivid imagination, I acknowledge the fact that I often have trouble transcribing my thoughts into words and conveying my ideas to other people. The following works are examples of my favorite poem, short story and letter from a character’s point of view.


            “Those Unknown”

                        “The Willow and the Storm”                                                                                          

                        Letter from Marlow of Heart of Darkness




Expository Writing

To me, expository writing is my forte. I thoroughly enjoy analyzing and dissecting essays, stories, and poems, although I do not always agree with the timetable set forth for these assignments. The feeling that I experience with each new revelation is unmatchable by anything in the academic world. This type of writing compliments my thought process by allowing me to discover the details of a work and how they are interrelated to each other and the work as a whole.


Analysis of “The Willow and the Storm”

                        Analysis of “Traveling through the Dark”





Journals are small, in class assignments that are assigned. They are designed to provoke thought and to “get our creative juices flowing.”


                         16 Freewrite

                         21 “The true meaning & value of compassion and nonviolence”

                         22 Fire and Ice