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Journal #16


Topic: Freewrite

The day dawns so clear and crisp.

The sun shines so bright this morn’.

But lo and behold, none welcome the light.

Dressing at this hour is not the norm.

At 7:40 in the morning, all are in one place.

We face too cheery adults and sometimes-clean floors.

There are no giggles of happiness, only sighs of frustration.

With a depressing finality they slam shut the doors.


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Writer’s Reflection:

The prompt for this journal was a freewrite, but I was in the mood for a little poetry. The eighth of January was a Wednesday, but it was the first day of school after winter break. I believe that the mood of my poem was not very unique among the students that day. Many of my friends were very unwilling to come to school that day, and some did not come at all. This is by no means my best poem, but I was concentrating more on putting my thoughts on paper as well as the tone.