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Journal #21


Topic: "The true meaning & value of compassion and nonviolence"

Once trait common to the majority of successful people in today’s world is the ability to see themselves from the outside. They can stand in another person’s shoes and see what others see. This is the message that the late Martin Luther King, Jr. wished to deliver in his speech. The excerpt from the speech can be applied to the civil rights movement. King’s message to look at one’s self from the outside could have been aimed at both sides, although he most likely intended the speech for those who were fighting for freedom from oppression. However, it certainly wouldn’t have hurt the opposing side to look at themselves from another pair of shoes. Certainly both sides could only benefit from taking an outside perspective of the situation as a whole.


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Writer’s Reflection:

I really liked this piece of writing, but not because it is perfect. In truth, I know that it is far from perfect. What I find interesting about the journal is the content. By nature, I am interested in preserving the peace and finding solutions in nonviolent ways. Reflection upon one’s self as well as the situation is very useful and can lead to very interesting conclusions.