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Those Unknown


Their bodies remain on Earth while their souls soar above.

Three soldiers have fallen in battle, never again to rise.

Their remains are entombed in a sacred brig,

Guarded from the weather and our prying eyes.


Forever we will remember their brave actions.

The goals they fought for no one dares to forget.

The country for which they gave their lives is still standing.

The noble red, white and blue has not fallen yet.


No one knows the names of these brave soldiers.

And few yet survive who remember how these valiant men died.

Only one fact is known: the beliefs that they fought for.

And we all know why they fought for this side.


8/26/02 (edited 5/17/03)

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Writer’s Reflection

Writing this poem was not too fun. Usually writing poems is somewhat relaxing for me, put this poem was somewhat difficult. I think the reason is that I had chosen a topic before I had even put pen to paper. I have always had trouble writing about preset topic, both in creative and expository writing.