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Para mi novia especial.....mi "anata"

Gonna miss you Lindsey. What more can I say? Word just can't express the way I feel. I so wish that I could bring you down with me to SD. That'd be nice, but I'll have to settle with seeing you whenever I come back up here. 

Lindsey Mariko Yamamoto......
what more can I say?
every word and every sound,
every smile brightens my day.

you came into my life
through the sport that I love
who knows why we met
it must be the work of someone above.

But it can't be the stars' work
because they're sparkles are in your eyes
It can't be the sun
because you spread a warmth that never dies

So as to who made it happen
I really don't know
but I know I really care for you
and I just hope that that's what shows