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My Xanga-meets-Upsaid-meets-whatever


3:39 PM
Too much to say right now, so many things: my road trip, mt. eden vball game, seeing lindz. Okay, ok, so only three things, but there's a lot to say about all of them. So I'm officially home now from my road trip with my sis. Except, my sis didn't come home with me. Dropped her off at her bf's so she could go camping with his family. Oh well, that left me free to go see lindsey, which was nice. Aite, well here goes my blurb bout my trip.

Okay, trip ended up lasting 11 days officially before I got home, but really it was like 10 days because I stayed an extra night in San jose. We ended up hauling ass the first two days, and got to Vancouver, BC Canada like a day early, which was sorta nice, but deng, my ass hella hurt from sitting in a car so long. We stopped at UofO or OSU, forgot which one, but whichever one is in Eugene, OR. Thats where we spent the night the first night. Oh, and stopped somewhere in WA near canada at an outlet place. That was sorta a recurring theme throughout the whole trip, shopping. We finally came to the conclusion that we had visited like every major store that there was on our way up nd down. But hey, at least I got most of my school shopping done. Yeah, so we visited the aquarium in Vancouver, zoo in Portland, space needle in Seattle, and, umm, can't think of what else. Oh, stopped by chinatown wherever we could find one. None of them are as good as s.f.'s tho. All of the places where pretty cool. 

So on the way home, I dropped my sis off at her bf's and then went to go watch Lindsey nd steph play against corey's school. Except stupid Corey didn't show up....oh well, me nd steph yelled at her afterwards. Yeah, met my "daughter" there too. Didn't know I had one until like 2 days before. Really surprising to me. She's pretty cool though. hehe...sad to say I forgot how to spell her name. But she's a pretty pinay nd a sophomore but she's taken, sorry guyz. Unfortuneately, Mt Eden lost to IRvington but its all good...finally got to see Lindz play a game.

Next day watched the girls practice, it wuz hella funny. Too bad their coach sucks pretty much, but gotta give him props just cuz he has enough patience to put up wit that many teenage girls long enough to coach them. Then went back to lindz nd steph's house nd chilled then went to the football game that night w/ them. Was pretty interesting, two teams that could actually play. Or at least play better than MHS, which isn't necessarily saying that much. Freaking A, how can you go 20 straight games and lose every single one of them. That's 2 years worth of games. Pretty sad if you ask me. But the game was pretty interesting. After that went back to her house and watched the new lord of the rings. Hehe, took us like 20 minutes to figure out how to work it though. that was pretty sad too. But it was nice being able to just be with her again. Makes me hella sad when i think about the fact that I won't be able just drive for an hour nd a half to see her. But you know you have a really great girlfriend if you guys can sit and watch a movie that you've both seen b4 and still be happy. Yup yup, she's gonna be like, #1 on the list of things that ima miss from here. I guess home comes in as a distant 2nd, tied with the rest of my friends. But yeah........just can't say how much ill miss her, words dont work like that. I had a necklace I was going to give her, but somehow forgot it that night, so I stopped by today (saturday) to give it to her, but she was still asleep. Hmm....if i can only get 6 hours of sleep, why does she get to have more???? Oh well, it was pretty funny, nd steph was coming up w/ all sorts of weird suggestions of me waking her up. Sorry, not gonna go jump up nd down on her bed, not with her dad in the next room. But hella wish I had a camera with me, hehe, she was all curled up on her side nd asleep. kodak moment. But yeah, that's a bout it. Wow, i think that's like my longest post yet. hmmm......doesn't surprise me. Well...time to go unpack and clean the room. 
MOOD: 85% depressed, 10% tired, 5% bored 100% missin my sweetie

9:33 PM
Hmmmm.....what to write about....I think I'm online too much. That's a sure note. Hmmm....volleyball was okay today, not that great, but I got 2 aces in a row when we were scrimmaging. Can't wait for MPC vb to start...then its real playing and none of this practice stuff. not that its bad or anything, just I want to play with skilled experienced players.

On the other hand....almost everyone i know is in school by be night @ yosh's.

12:56 AM
Okay, back from Yosh's for a while...actually an hour?? something like that. hour about. Nothing new...had to leave b4 the movie was over cuz caught a ride w/ matt...but had seen it already, the transporter. Saw Chris and Dane there too...that was pretty interesting. Man, out of the whole group, Chris is going to MPC and i'm going to SD, but everyone else is going to Davis. Man, a lot of people I know are. Well...Alyse is back from Canada and her horsey thingy. She got 2 top tens, thats pretty deng good considering its Canadian youth nationals.So GOOD JOB ALYSE! other than that....

Today was lindsey's 1st day of school....and for that matter a lot of other peoples too. So she's playin her vball now too....good for her, starting setter for the second year in a row...thats crazy. wish I could've been that good. Props to her for havin skills like that. Okay, thats about it for now, need to get some sleep.
MOOD: Tiredness.......

8/25/03 I feel good......
9:54 AM
I feel good....duh nuh nuh nuh nuh....okay, dunno how that's supposed to sound. But I do feel good right now, despite the fact that I got umm.....6 hours of sleep or so. Yup yup, went to sleep around 2am I think....not too sure why...Guess I just liked playing with my new toys. Those would be a wireless keyboard/mouse and some new speakers. They are NICE!!! I love it, I can sit in bed and type and whatnot as long as I can see the screen. And the mom actually came in my room sometime last night and told me to turn the bass down bc she heard it where she was down the hall. But yeah....all the stuff is nice, and so I have my complete computer that I'm takin to college w/ me. Rich, if you want a monitor, im me. Dunno if you read this though...oh well. So this morning I woke up around 8:30 and went running. That's my goal, is to run in the morning everyday this week....can't run during the day until like 7 if it's not in the morning, otherwise its tooo freakin hot! Like Crystal Springs at 2 in the afternoon. Anyone running XC will understand that. But it felt good to run. Was only like a 3/4 mile warm up and about a mile of real running, which is pretty sad....actually its very sad for me, especially since it took almost 20 minutes for that. ::sigh:: guess I'm just not the runner I used to be (which wasn't that good of one either). But it still felt good, and now I'm showered and clean and awake..and it's before 10! well, slightly at least. So I'm sorta sad that lots of people start school tomorrow. Now there's only the few friends down here that either aren't going away this year, or are going to UCD, which isn't that much. So I guess its time to really start hitting up the bowling alley with friends, and fit in some volleyball too. And pool, and maybe a trip to the beach, and I guess there are things here for me to do, just have to get up and actually do them. I'm sort of jealous of my buddy Dru though, he takes off a few weeks into summer, stays in Santa Barbara for like 2 weeks, goes on a mission trip to Mexico for a week or so, then back to SB for a bit, then he came home for a few days, and then left 3 days ago for Hong Kong I think for a while. Freakin A, that kid is lucky. Well i'll stop griping right now and go eat breakfast, then go rent some movies and hopefully watch them with Kim or someone. We'll see. If not, there's always lifting weights or the gym.....
MOOD: I wanna go do something now!
8/21/03  Like whoa....
6:43 PM
Okay, decided that I might add titles to these entries, like above. Hmmmm....soo much to do, so much to say.....since the last entry. Life's been pretty good to me. Got to see lindsey yesterday (and technically today ;-) ) It was really nice. Took her out to dinner nd a movie again. I wonder if she gets bored of doing more or less the same thing over and over. Gave her her bday present (1000 cranes) I think she liked it. Hope she did, Buddha knows how long I've been working on it...and corriee knows too. hehe....for some reason a lot of the time that I was online nd making cranes, she was too. Oh well, so yeah. Watched freddy vs jason with her (lindz, not corriee) and then chilled at her house, watched bringing down the house and then Spirited away. Okay, okay lindz, it iz a good movie, i'll say that. Sort of weird in some parts, but for my first anime movie, it was pretty good I say. A lot different from DBZ though! ;-) 

9:47 PM
Dood...BS meetings are boring. thats why i stopped writing the other entry. Okay, now its 10:45 and I'm going to sleep soon. Talked to Lindz for another hour or so today. It's nice being able to talk to her this much....not exactly sure why we didn't talk this much before. I think I healla like her...umm...hella that is. Not sure, but seems like the more I get to talk to her and the more time I spend with her the more I like her. And I know some of her friends, and her sis, nd whoever else reads this, but yeah. still gonna write what I feel. Last night was just like whoa....was hella nice. And got to watch the different movies. At least watched most of it. =) (note....just changed the bg color/pic ....don worry, this is only temporary. I knoe its ugly....guess I can't stay on one topic forever. Still just want to relive last nite....just chillin w/ lindz on the couch watchin the movie nd throwin lil volleyballs at nikki....she laughs a lot. Never noticed that that much till yesterday. Wanna be back up there...i'm just monkuing hahaha not sure if thats how you spell that. since someone didn't know ::cough cough..corriee..cough cough:: but yeah.....tired now....not much else to think about bsides the mixer coming up, that'll be interesting. vball, good friends, nd wut else is sposed to be in heaven??? 

Visited school today...oh, was I going to go to sleep? oh well, went back to MOnterey high for the second time this summer...was pretty nice, saw coach petersen nd selfridge and RAINER haha, he's the greatest..for anyone who didn't go to my school, he's a really big guy that could grow a full beard in a week back when we were sophomores...and he has the mind of like, an 8th grader or so. I don't mean to offend him at all, he's a really nice guy, just.....dunno....kinda in his own world. Saw Diana and her senior pix..they're sorta different.....not exactly like her, I'd say like her twin sister if she had one, just a little different than her. But she's cool...gonna miss her, and Athena from XC...i'll get you sushi sometime girl, don't worry. Can you believe it..she's never had sushi. Ever! It's my goal b4 I leave to get her to eat some. But yeah...time to sleep now. Went to sleep earlier today @ 3 am after got home from lindz, slept till 12:30 and now it's time to go to sleep 11:30. Weird stuff....i'm tired...
MOOD: Volleyball + Lindsey = I can die happy

Freakin A man. Today was going perfectly fine up till I went to volleyball. Left the house a lil problem there, just go a lil faster driving. Get stuck in freakin traffic for like 50 min!! left the house at like 5:50...shoulda been at the gym by 6:15 at the latest....ended up there like almost 6:40. my gawsh!!!! freakin pissed me off. And then to top it off, i get in the gym and find I HAVE NO FREAKING SHOES!!! Somehow i took them outta my bag after Tuesday nd DIDNT PUT THEM BACK IN!! That HELLA pissed me off. And also today found out that my friends grandma died. She knew it was coming, but still, it always hurts. I'm sorry chica, hope you feel bettter soon. In other news, Lindz came home today which is cool...after goin to Tahoe for umm...hehe third time this summer i think. hehe.lucky you..never been. oh well...think thats bout it for now...gonna go play cs or somethin...mebbe work on lindz bday present...yea...prolly that one. aite.....thass it for now

Oh, interesting note: my sister and I became official with our significant others on the same day, one month apart....but I'm actually a month ahead of her. weird huh.

11:36 AM
Hahahaha....Xanga is DOWN! XANGA SUCKS! IT REALLY REALLY SUCKS! LALALALALALALXANGA SUCKS!! haha.....just for all you sanjo people who are addicted to it ;-)
11:02 PM
Wow...there's so much I can write about. First of all I think I'm going to change the background on this thing. It's sorta hard for me to read. I think my eyes are going bad too. Not good before I go to college. So I switched the way that the entries are put on the page, so it's all better. So yeah, basically there's not too much on my mind right now. 

Still just sorta remembering my date w/ Lindz last friday. Was hecka fun, and HELLA nice being able to see her again. It really sucked that we didn't get to see each other for a while before that. But it was the usual dinner and a movie, and that was nice. Then afterwards, I was supposed to just drop her off basically, say g'nite nd leave. Buuuuuttt....hehe I ended up staying till like 12:30. Just chatting w/ her nd Steph, abusing Steph as if she was my sis....making her choke on iced tea. haha, that was really funny. but it was hella nice just chilling there. It's kinda funny, but I think i've been to her grandparents house more times than I've been to her house, sad almost. That was my second time. Deng...why does Lindz get to go to Tahoe so much though..hehe. I've never been and here she is going like for the millionth time this summer! Geesh....just miss her right now. Be nice if she called again..

Then the next morning I woke up to go play tennis with KP and Tim. That was pretty fun....except I think (Maggie was it?) KP's friend got sorta bored playing with us. But oh made me realize how much I like volleyball, but I wouldn't mind getting better at tennis again. Haha, Tim and I ruled the net whenever one of us played up though. Good times, gotta do that again next time I'm up there. 

Well yeah, stayed up last night...or this morning, however you want to put it. to say happy bday to Angie and Jeni. They turned 18! But stinkin Angie had to be born at 2:02 AM. Gawsh.....that was hecka early. But I called her up and sang happy bday to her. Hope she liked it. Anyways....thats bout it for now. More later whenever something interesting happens or I get realli realli realli bored. payce
MOOD: Bored + tired = ????sleep??? or CS

11:57 PM was okay. Hey, just noticed, this is going the wrong direction. I should be typing new entries on top of the old ones, not below them. Ok, that'll be fixed soon. Today it was sooooo hard to wake up in the morning. like...hit the snooze button a few times, nd then turned it off finally. So didn't do too much. Shot some hoops because I woke up too late and didn't want to go swimming or the gym. laziness...its such a nice word. but yeah. Haven't decided what im gonna do this weekend. Stay home for a possible "dance party" or go up to Sacramento's obon. It'd be cool, might meet up w/ Tara T but otherwise I don't know if I'd know anyone else there. Possible plan also is go up to SJ friday, beat KP in tennis, take lindz out and then sat maybe go up to Sac or go chill w/ ppl. But yeah...might be gettin sick which hecka sucks. Hmm....well time to go to sleep I think. MOOD: missing mah SwEeTiE bad

1:12 AM was pretty cool...I talked with my orientation leader OL Andrew from SD. Haven't really talked to him before now. Other than that, I've just been working on my little "project." Really hope Lindz likes it otherwise I might just shoot myself or something. MOOD: tired as heck

Dude, today was pretty boring...even though I actually did stuff. Was supposed to wake up early enough to say bye to my sis b4 she left back to SLO, but oops, missed that by an hour. Went to the gym, did my morning swim for half an hour. After that came home and taught my mom how to burn a CD. OMB.....even with all of the stuff to make it still took her forever to learn. Geesh....these computer illiterate adults. Went to go find people to donate stuff for my Eagle proj.....too bad no one was there that could actually give me anything. Oh well.....other than that today was hecka boring. Went to Yosh's house to "plan" a party...ended up doin nothin just talked w/ him nd Ashish. Played CS for a bit...actually a while....I think i'm actually gettin addicted to it. Or maybe I jes need to get a life. ::sigh:: that's me. But at least I'm lookin forward to this Sat.....I think I'm goin to Sacramento Obon. that should be pretty fun. Might go to SJ sometime this week....hopefully see Lindz and probably see if I can play KP tennis. She thinks I can beat her...haha...thats funny. But for now......just working on Lind's bday present nd thinkin of someone to call.