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uNdEr cOnStRuCtIoN!

slowly the poems are being patient...they'll get here when I fell like it

email me if you desperately need a poem.

Note: most of these poems are miscellaneous nd all that gud stuff. THere are some though that can be sorta depressing (they're marked =/ ) About these I have two things to say:
    1) Don't ask me why I wrote it/who I wrote it for or if I'm okay, I won't tell and will probably tell you to leave me alone
    2) I take no responsibility for anything you do after reading them, if you think it might not be good for you, then DON'T
thank you, have a nice day. =)

8/11/03 here's a poem I wrote Angie in like 5 minutes for her 18th birthday 

8/14/03 =/ Bittersweet Silence

8/14/03 Dawn -dedicated in memory of Portia's grandmother