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Here's All the 411 on Me



Hey, here's the quick stats about me.

Name: Mitchell Masato Masuda
Age: 17
DOB: 11/9/85
Nat: 1/2 Chinese 1/2 Japanese
Height: 5'5" and a HALF (thats with shoes though)
Status: I'm with my sweetie Mariko 6/16/03
Religion: Buddhist
Hobbies: Volleyball, running....recently addicted to CS

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Okay, so if you're still reading this then you're either really bored or you really don't know that much about me. So I'll start with....ummm...I guess high school. I just recently graduated from Monterey High. Somehow I actually ended up tied for 3rd in the class, which really was 6th, because we had 3 valedictorians and 2 salutatorians. But we also had like 16 people in the "Top 10" so go figure. Well sports have been a big part of my life since, like 7th grade I think. Basically, I ran cross-country and played volleyball for all 4 years of high school. For all of you that think cross-country is a wimp sport...I'd like to see you run 5k in under 20 minutes. As for volleyball, just don't think anything bad about it or I will HUNT YOU DOWN AND.....(fill in with the worst verb you can think of). Plain and simple, volleyball is the BEST sport around, and tennis? it's just a backup sport. I've played just about every position there is in vball too. Setter, outside, opposite, DS played them all. Heck, I've even played middle blocker for a whole minute.

Now I'm an incoming college freshman at UC San Diego. Go Tritons! (who the heck came up with THAT mascot? what is it anyways?) My major is Bioengineering and I'm Muir college...the best out of the 6 at SD. Move in day is Sept 20th so I'll probably drive down on the 19th or so. HAHA....I pity all of you state school people who start a whole freakin month before me. As for you high schoolers, we did our time'll get your chance to have an extra long summer.....eventually.

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